Tuesday, November 15, 2011

International Bank Worlds Online

BANK WORLDS : cotton paper with a weight of about 80 to 90 grams per square meter is mainly used in the preparation of World Bank bonds. The final decision is made on the directives of the Central Bank of each country is based. Here it is decided that the design must be money.

Cotton that goes into the production of silver is mixed at times with different elements such as abaca and flax. Sometimes, even a couple of other textile fibers. Although the paper used to make money is not the same as that of plain paper in the sense that they are the very properties of wear resistant. On average, there is a bill has a duration of about 2 years.

With the exception of non-traffic, high quality precious commemorative coins or metal used for lower value of monetary units, while paper money is used for higher values.

United States during the 10th March 1982, issued paper money. Seven days later he was declared by Congress as a legal tender. Since 1844, the pound sterling as the most common form of currency in the United Kingdom has been accepted. 1. January 1999, the birth of the euro.

Before the conceptualization of paper money, silver and currency which was used as a precious metal. The preciousness of a metal was determined on its rarity. The Gold Nugget from Australia of $ 10,000 would be the perfect example. Struck In Australia, there may be one of the largest gold coin in the world. Translated, he is proud of one kg of 99.9% pure gold.

But change all the time and tide slowly but surely. And this was the case with precious metals. The use of them lost over a period of time and money to paper gradually be accepted to the universal standard.

The physical process of making paper money includes several complex steps. The modern age has invented the invention of many machines called super-tech for the sole purpose of carrying out this task, given top secret.

Why paper money has even become a very popular hobby and growing fast. People from around the world are now collecting all kinds of bank notes as a hobby. That's because people find tickets for different countries tell a clear story about the original people, art, culture, history and essence of the life of this country. Almost all collectors of currency, the more determined to at least one of several notes from the World Bank, to collect all the countries within their collection.

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